XXXTENTACION’s Father Shares Emotional Moment Of His Son’s Music Playing At His Wedding


XXXTENTACION passed away over three years ago, but his music continues to make an impact. X’s father Dwayne Onfroy shared a heartfelt clip last week from his October 2019 wedding day, which featured an emotional moment of his son’s music playing as his soon-to-be-wife was walking down the aisle.

Onfroy posted the video to his Instagram on October 26, which happened to be his second wedding anniversary. Dwayne tied the knot with his wife in 2019 just over a year after losing his son XXXTENTACION — born Jahseh Onfroy — in a fatal armed robbery on June 18, 2018.

The clip finds Dwayne Onfroy tearing up as his late superstar son’s humming and the strings of “School Globes” featuring a neophyte Lil Nas X is played throughout the venue’s speakers.

“So on this day I was surprised by my wife choosing this song to honor me and Jahseh who had died a year prior. From my reaction the song came and started and THEN SHE WALKED INTO THE ROOM,” he wrote when reflecting on the moment.

While X is no longer physically here, his legacy lives on through his music, which is still making history years later. In August, the Florida native joined an exclusive club with his “SAD!” hit single becoming certified diamond by the RIAA.

XXXTENTACION’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, posed with a smile alongside the diamond plaque over the weekend.

Listen to “School Globes,” which isn’t on streaming services, below.