XXXTentacion Organizing "Put Down The Guns" Charity Paintball Tournament


Does paintball breed violent behavior or is a positive alternative. The debate rages on. XXXTentacion is hoping his interest in paintball will help mediate the alarming rate violence in his community.

XXXTentacion has announced a charity paintball tournament for next Saturday. The focus the event is to spread awareness about gun violence, while also giving his community an outlet to express any aggression through harmless fun. The event will be held in XXXTentacion’s hometown and teams will be divided between combattants from Broward County and Dade County, South Florida.

Both counties are relative hotbeds. As yet we don’t have any roster information, but if we were to put our fantasy caps on, a roundup South Florida rappers could produce a lineup Lil Pump, Denzel Curry, Robb Bank$, Yung Simmie, Wifisfuneral, Pouya, Ski Mask the Slump God, and obviously the man himself, XXXTentacion.

Gun control is a worthy cause, but is also a divisive issue within the hip hop community, as we’ve seen on account rappers defending their constitutional right or feigning ignorance, in contrast with those who supported March For Our Lives. Bear in mind, there is more than one way to becoming an ally. Each to their own.