XXXTentacion "?" Deluxe Anniversary Edition Tracklist Revealed


20-year-old Jahseh Onfroy was a generational talent. Although his personal life became the subject of much controversy, his music helped so many people and earned him a spot as one of the most promising young rappers in the world. XXXTentacion was not simply just another rapper from Florida. He was somebody that would go on to create a long-lasting legacy with the content he released into the world. X was special and his estate is recognizing his unique charm and talent by dropping a special anniversary version of his world-famous album ?

The news was announced a while ago as X’s mom confirmed that a documentary is also in the works, detailing her son’s life. Now though, a tracklist and release date have become available thanks to XXL. The hip-hop publication notes that the deluxe version of ? will be released on September 6 and next week, we’ll get our first taste of the new material. A week from today, on August 20, Rico Nasty will be included on a remix of XXXTentacion’s “#ProudCatOwner,” which will also be on the special tape come September. Side A and Side B have not been affected from the original tracklisting. The only changes are additions in the form of instrumentals, voice memos from the late rapper, a tribute by Yoko Shimomura, songs from X’s Christmas EP, and more. 

According to XXL, the anniversary box set will include original text messages between XXXTentacion and his collaborators, personal photographs, a poster, and more. Long Live Jahseh. Stay tuned for his Rico Nasty collab next week.

XXXTentacion "?" Deluxe Anniversary Edition Tracklist Revealed
Jason Koerner/Getty Images


Side A

1. “Introduction (instructions)”
2. “Alone, Part 3”
3. “Moonlight”
4. “Sad!”
5. “the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)”
6. “Floor 555”
7. “Numb”
8. “infinity (888)” featuring Joey Bada$$
9. “going down!”

Side B

10. “Pain = BESTFRIEND” featuring Travis Barker
11. “$$$” featuring Matt OX
12. “love yourself (interlude)”
13. “SMASH!” featuring PnB Rock
14. “I don’t even speak spanish lol” featuring Rio Santana, Judah and Carlos Andrez
15. “changes”
16. “Hope”
17. “schizophrenia”
18. “before I close my eyes”

Bonus Content

Side A

1. “Nocturne (a tribute to XXXTENTACION by Yoko Shimomura)”
2. “Hope (freestyle)”
3. “Jah on drums”
4. “NUMB (acoustic)”
5. “#PROUDCATOWNERREMIX” featuring Rico Nasty
7. “Hate will never win”
8. “UP LIKE AN INSOMNIAC (freestyle)”
9. “Red Light!”
10. “Indecision”

Side B

1. voice memo 1 – “Alone, Part 3”
2. voice memo 2 – “Sad!”
3. voice memo 3 – “Moonlight”
4. voice memo 4 – “the remedy for a broken heart”
5. voice memo 5 – “going down!”
6. voice memo 6 – “changes”
7. voice memo 7 – “before I close my eyes”
8. voice memo 8 – “Sad! video concept”