Xbox "Project Scarlett" Wants Four-Generation Backward Compatibility


All too often, gamers have been left perturbed by a harsh reality. Whenever a console generation winds to an end, we’re left holding onto our old games, doomed to spend money on a remastered variant of something we already have. The dreaded double-dip. Sure, you can run a multi-console household, but sometimes that’s not exactly a feasible option. Luckily, it would appear that both Sony and Microsoft are looking to perfect backward-compatibility, with their upcoming consoles being the most versatile to date. A new report from Gamespot has some details on Xbox “Project Scarlett,” which bodes well for those longtime Microsoft loyalists. 

Xbox "Project Scarlett" Wants Four-Generation Backward Compatibility

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Of course, the Xbox One featured a solid collection of backward compatible games, including several classics from both the 360 and the original Xbox. It would appear that they intend on keeping that trend going. “We really like the reception and the use that we’ve seen through the [Xbox One backwards compatibility] program,” explains Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox. “Making sure that all four generations of content–so the original Xbox games that run on your Xbox One today, the OG Xbox; the 360 games that run on your Xbox One; your Xbox One games; and the new generation games–all run on the next platform is important to us.”

“We want to respect the games that you’ve bought from us,” he continues. “We want to make sure that the generations can play with each other, so if you happen to adopt the next generation early and somebody stays back, that if their games are on both platforms, you’ll be able to cross-gen play.” A noble goal, and we can only hope that PlayStation follows suit – all signs seem to indicate they will, but only time will tell if that holds true. Are you looking forward to “Project Scarlett” to arrive?