X1 Make ‘Quantum Leap’ Onto World Albums & World Digital Song Sales Charts Upon Debut


Plus, a look at the debut sales and chart stats from the other three “Produce” groups.

After being created on Korea's sensational singing-competition show Produce X 101, new boy band X1 sees how the fanaticism is translating in America with their debut EP Quantum Leap entering Billboard's World Albums chart at No. 9. 

The 11-member boy band comes from the fourth overall season in Korea's Produce series following three popular-but-temporary groups: two girl groups in I.O.I and IZ*ONE, respectively created on Season 1 of Produce 101 and the third season titled Produce 48, and boy band Wanna One, created on the second season of Produce 101. Compared to the Billboard debuts from their fellow Produce acts, X1 and IZ*ONE both tie for the second-highest charting debut. IZ*ONE's Color*Iz album peaked at No. 9 on World Albums as well, while only Wanna One fared better when their 1X1=1 (To Be One) album hit No. 3. 

Among the Produce acts debut albums, Wanna One's 1X1=1 also claims the biggest sales to date (with 3,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen Music), followed by IZ*ONE's Color*Iz (2,000 copies sold) and then I.O.I's debut EP Chrysalis (1,000 copies).

X1's debut single "Flash" also enters Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart at No. 17. Among the other debut singles from the Produce groups, Wanna One's "Energetic" and IZ*ONE's "La Vie en Rose" both peaked at No. 6. 

While drama surrounded the act as questions about the show's voting methods as well as industry bans were placed on the new boy band, X1 still had loads of anticipation for their debut following their creation on Produce X 101's live finale. Yet, if anything, the drama helped fuel their newly created fanbase leading X1 to stay put at No. 2 on the chart for the past three weeks as Social 50 chart kings BTS maintained their No. 1 spot.

With their trendy EDM sound, beloved members who are a mix of veterans and rookies in the scene, and a plan to stick together for five years (the longest of any Produce group to date), this start on the charts is promising with even better results anticipated once the group forges ahead with new singles and gain more promotional opportunities.

Below, watch X1's "Flash" music video, nearing 40 million views a week-and-a-half after its premiere, as well as the first televised performance of the track on Korea's music program M Countdown, earning 2.5 million views in a week: