Wyclef Jean celebrates his roots on "Sak Kap Fet" feat. Kofi Black and Moira Mack


Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean returns to the foreground with the latest visual for his song “Sak Kap Fet”. The record is an upbeat, bouncy track that sees the three-time Grammy Winner showcasing his Haitian heritage and the love he has for his country. “Sak Kap Fet,” is the first song f Wyclef’s latest project which is a nod to his roots and represents Haitian unity and pride. The term “Sak Kap Fet” means “what’s up?” in Creole. Along with highlighting his Haitian pride. The song also gets a vocal boost from New York-based Ghanaian songwriter and producer, Ki Black.


In the video for “Sak Kap Fet,” Wyclef makes his search for new young talent eminent. You are immediately taken into his live show as it highlights the energy and free-spirited vibe he is about. The main focus is for people to enjoy the environment and the people they are with while embracing different types art forms. The video is cut with scenes fans and other artists getting on stage and letting their ability shine. Aside from fans performing live, the video features clips numerous different performers social media dancing to his latest single.


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