WWE King Of The Ring Tournament Bracket Unveiled


WWE’s “King Of The Ring” tournament will return next Monday, August 19, marking the first time the event has taken place since 2015.

The tournament will take place over the next several weeks, featuring 16 WWE superstars – eight from Raw and eight from SmackDown. That said, each side of the bracket will feature a mix of wrestlers from both the red and blue brands, so there’s no guarantee that the final will feature “Raw vs SmackDown,” per se. 

WWE finally revealed the bracket on Friday afternoon, so without further adieu:

WWE King Of The Ring Tournament Bracket Unveiled


Old school wrestling fans will recall that the King Of The Ring was once a popular PPV event in itself, but it ultimately got lost in the shuffle during the ’90s as WWE grew to include other PPV events throughout the year. Here’s hoping that whoever wins the 2019 tournament gets a significant push and helps catapult this event into something meaningful once gain.

Again, the festivities will kick off on the August 19 edition of Raw. The eight first round matchups will likely take place over the course of two weeks on August 19/20 and August 26/27, leaving the second round for the week of September 2, and the semi-finals on the week of September 9.

If that’s how WWE plays it, and they should, the King Of The Ring champion will be crowned at the Clash of Champions PPV at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte on September 15.