Wu-Tang Clan Reportedly Sued By 60's Group The Diplomats Over "People Say": Report


 Wu-Tang Clan is still going hard, 25 years later. The collective continue to dish out new music on a regular basis whether it’s as a group or as solo efforts. Last year, Wu-Tang released their compilation record, The Saga Continues which featured the Redman-assisted single, “People Say.” Now, it looks like the Wu is dealing with some legal issues pertaining to their lead single.

Wu-Tang Clan is being sued by 60’s group, The Diplomats, over their song “People Say,” TMZ reports. According to the report, The Diplomats are claiming that producer Mathematics completely lifted the song from their 1969 record, “I’ve Got The Kind Of Love.” They’re claiming “People Say” is a notable lyric from their song. 

The 60’s group says that fans and average listeners have called out the similarities online. Now, they’re suing the Wu-Tang Clan because the collective didn’t get proper authorization for it and they’re asking them to stop performing, selling and overall, monetizing f the record. They’re asking them to pay for the damages. 

While the group has to battle it out in court over their single, “People Say,” they kind took a win earlier this month when Martin Shkreli was ordered to forfeit the one one Wu-Tang Clan album he owned. It’s unlikely that it’ll be back at the hands any the Wu-Tang members but atleast it’s not in Shkreli’s hands.