Wrongchilde & Rain Man Set Fire to a Palm Tree in ‘Earthquake’ Exclusive


Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine (Wrongchilde) and Krewella co-founder Kris Trindl (Rain Man) joined forces for a brand-new track “Earthquake,” and they are premiering the fiery tree-burning music video for the song exclusively on Billboard. But don't worry — the tree is still alive.

With “Earthquake,” Devine captures his love-hate relationship with the city of Los Angeles, telling Billboard that when he first moved there from New York City five years ago, he had a “huge crush” on the California spot.

“But this was written at a time when that crush ended,” he explains. “I was missing my people and I was convinced that nine out of 10 people here are lost, vapid and utterly insane. Anyone who lives here can tell you that it can oscillate between paradise and wasteland, minute by minute. Mile by mile.”

“These days I’m back to loving this city,” continues Devine. “But now it’s a comprehensive love, dark shadows and all.”

The video for “Earthquake” perfectly captures these mixed feelings towards the city of sunshine and unique landscapes, as it follows Devine driving to the desert to set fire to a palm tree.

Calling this the most ambitious video he has ever been a part of, Devine says that after discovering that there are no free-standing palm trees in Joshua Tree and that most land owners aren’t all that keen about someone from LA “torching their foliage,” he came across an “amazing recluse artist named Caine” (who appears in the video with a flamethrower) who owned a dome and a secluded portion of the desert.

“The logistic were pretty daunting,” Devine adds. “We had to truck the tree in from 150 miles away, all kinds of cranes and heavy machinery. You need local and state permits, permission from neighbors, the fire department, pyrotechnicians, a water truck, and a crew of about 30 to pull it off legally. In the end, we got something epic and no one died. Even the tree is still alive.”

You can check out the video below.