Woody Allen & Amazon Reach Settlement In $68 Million Lawsuit


Woody Allen has been engaged in a breach of contract lawsuit with Amazon for some time now, but the disgraced director has now reached a settlement, the terms of which were not disclosed. According to Variety, lawyers for both parties filed joint dismissal notices on Friday night.

Amazon canceled the released of Allen’s 2018 film, A Rainy Day In New York citing controversial comments Allen made about Harvey Weinstein as well as allegations directed towards Allen himself. His daughter, Dylan Farrow, has claimed she was raped by Allen at the age of seven.

“Scores of actors and actresses expressed profound regret for having worked with Allen in the past, and many declared publicly that they would never work with him in the future,” Amazon’s attorneys said. “Allen’s actions and their cascading consequences ensured that Amazon could never possibly receive the benefit of its four-picture agreement.”

Allen’s rebuttal is that Amazon knew about all of these details when entering into business with him. He began the lawsuit back in February, suing for $68 million.

Allen was able to work out an international release for A Rainy Day in New York, but it has yet to find a means to release in the US.