Wiz Khalifa Previews Smoke-Fueled Take On "Who Run It" Challenge


Like Victor Frankenstein before him, G Herbo has unleashed a monster upon us. Instead using galvanism and spare cadaver parts to birth his creation, Herbo has opted for the classic production  Juicy J & DJ Paul. After releasing a studio version his Drake-approved “Who Run It” freestyle, the move seemed to spawn a challenge not unlike last year’s “For The Dick/Pussy.” Luckily, this one has led to some actual fire. Countless have stepped up to deliver their own rendition, from the divisive Bhad Bhabie to Juicy and Paul themselves, to the most recent contributor, Wiz Khalifa. 

Taking to Instagram to preview his take, Wiz lights a blunt to the dulcet sounds his cannabis imbued flow. Claiming he simply “had to cuh,” it’s clear that Wiz’ rendition the track will prove a fan favorite. “I ain’t got no Grammy awards,” raps Wiz, “but I got more money than grandaddy, kk we smoking on grandaddy.” As they say, real recognize real; there’s something refreshing (and appropriate) about hearing Wiz reference the iconic stoner duo Method Man and Redman. In some ways, the Blackout pair were the predecessor to Wiz’ marijuana centric lifestyle.

From the sound it, Wiz actually hit the studio to lay down some ficial vocals, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the full version surface in the imminent future. In the mean time, how do ya’ll feel about this ongoing challenge?