Wiz Khalifa & His New Girlfriend Get Sexy In Halloween Photo


We haven’t even reached October 31 yet but, already, an abundance of Halloween-themed photos have taken over the internet. Everybody from Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Jeannie Mai, Cardi B, and so many others have been enjoying themselves in their costumes and Wiz Khalifa wasn’t about to let himself get caught up in the shadows. The superstar rapper from Pittsburgh used the opportunity to show off his new alleged girlfriend earlier this week, dressing up as Mortal Kombat characters. It turns out that wasn’t the only party they were going to because later in the same week, Wiz and Aimee Aguilar showed out in some more y costumes.

This time around, the pair got funky in their vintage steez with Khalifa wearing his hair in a perm, throwing on some leather pants and draping himself in hundred-dollar bills. His female counterpart matched him by giving the camera a big kiss in her sparkly hosiery and bikini. Wiz must have had his eyes busy all night.

Which costume do you prefer from this couple? Mortal Kombat or this one? Do you think they’ll come through with even more Halloween goodness before the weekend closes out or is this it for them? Additionally, who’s won this season for you?