Wiz Khalifa Gets Candid in New Documentary Series ‘Behind the Cam’


When it comes to Wiz Khalifa, aside from music, one immediately tends to think of weed, tattoos, and his infectious one-of-a-kind laugh. Naturally, all of those things were included in Behind the Cam, a special five-part miniseries created by Taylor Gang and Smac Media.

On Wednesday night (April 16) in Inglewood, the Pittsburgh-born musician invited friends, family and members of the media to screen the series, plying guests with cocktails, pre-rolls, and an onsite Del Taco truck — a favorite of Wiz and Snoop Dogg, who also made an appearance. 

Riffing on Khalifa’s given name, Cameron, the documentary features appearances by the “Black and Yellow” rapper’s parents, his son and his closest friends, many of whom he has worked with since high school. The seven-time Grammy-nominee, who recently celebrated 10 million iPhone downloads on his popular game, Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, reflected on how success has mostly been defined by his refusal to quit. 

As his mother — affectionately referred to as “Peachie” — shares, Khalifa came to her around the age of nine with dreams of being a rapper. She also says that Khalifa, who went by “Wizdom” in those days, would often choose to spend time in the studio over playing with his friends. The series also turns an eye on Khalifa’s longtime collaborator Edan, a Pittsburgh studio owner whom he credits for changing his life at 16.

Back then, Edan offered him a job in the studio in exchange for free recording time, which lead to Khalifa’s first semi-well-known single, “Say Yeah.” Although the song propelled the then 19-year-old to his first record deal, things ultimately didn’t work out. Khalifa didn’t take the initial failure as a sign to give up, but rather an opportunity to do build an organic relationship with his fanbase. 

In the series, Khalifa also hosts a competition for upcoming producers, goes bowling with a group of weed-smoking octogenarians, and opens up about how his son Sebastian, whom he shares with media personality Amber Rose, helped bring structure and maturity to his life. The father and son duo share several heartwarming moments, including a trip to an indoor skydiving facility, where Sebastian proves to be a natural at flight.

You can stream Behind the Cam now on Apple Music.