Wiz Khalifa Could Be A Pro MMA Fighter, According To Trainer Jay Glazer


The writing is on the wall. Not only does Wiz Khalifa boast lungs steel and legitimate microphone skills, but he’s also one the most pricient fighters in the rap game. At least, such is the testament from trainer Jay Glazer, who has been training the Rolling Papers rapper in the arduous practice MMA. In fact, Wiz’ dedication is so devout that Glazer honestly believes that he has what it takes to go pro, should he be so inclined. TMZ caught up with the trainer and namesake  Glazer’s Unbreakable Performance gym, and inquired about Wiz’ capabilities as a badass.

Glazer gives Khalifa a glowing endorsement; despite having trained with the likes Chuck Lidell and Randy Couture, he reckons Wiz is one the few to ever hurt him with a body punch. “We spar with Wiz all the time,” says Glazer. “Let me tell you something. I’ve been hit in the body by Chuck many times, Randy, by Kyle Long. The biggest baddest dudes on the planet. It’s going to sound weird. Wiz is the only dude who hurt me with a body shot.”

After expressing a bit playful surprise at the concept being hurt by Wiz Khalifa, Glazer goes on to endorse the Khalifa work ethic. While he does believe Wiz could go pro, he hopes that the rapper sticks to the mic. “”I hope he continues to make his money without getting punched in the face,” laughs Glazer. Check out the video below.