With Possible ‘Zoey 101’ Reboot in the Works, Let’s Revisit Music From Jamie Lynn Spears & Her Castmates


Since TMZ reported Tuesday (July 23) that Jamie Lynn Spears is in talks with Nickelodeon to reboot her early-2000s sitcom Zoey 101, fans have been left wondering who from the original cast will be involved in the show's comeback.

A source from Nickelodeon told TMZ that instead of taking place at PCA, the show would catch up with Zoey in SoCal at age 28 (Spears' real-life age) with a few kids (Spears has two).

But did Zoey and Chase end up together? Is she still besties with Lola? What's little brother Dustin up to?

Though these inquiries may remain unanswered until the reboot is confirmed, a quick Google search of what Zoey 101 actors and guest stars have been up to since the show reveals that many have tried to make it in the music business -- including Spears herself.

This begs the question: Would a Zoey 101 world 11 years later include someone in the PCA crew trying to make it in Hollywood as a musician? Check out the musical pursuits of six castmembers below.

Jamie Lynn Spears

After announcing her pregnancy in 2007, which led to Zoey 101's cancellation, Spears took a long break from the spotlight, re-emerging in 2013 to launch her career in country music with debut single "How Could I Want More." EP The Journey followed in 2014 and Spears dropped another stand-alone, "Sleepover," in 2016.

Spears' turn to music was no surprise: She also sang the insanely catchy theme song for Zoey 101, "Follow Me," which her superstar sister Britney Spears helped write.

Lately, it seems Spears has started to focus more on her acting career, as Netflix announced this month that she will have a role in the new Sweet Magnolias series.

Paul Butcher

Butcher, who played Zoey's loveable little brother Dustin on the show, has a budding music career himself. In August 2017, he released the original song "Ain't Hurtin' Nobody" and has uploaded numerous covers to his YouTube channel, including "Mercy" by Shawn Mendes and One Direction's "Little Things." 

Christopher Massey

Massey is best known for his portrayal of Michael, Chase's best friend and roommate. After the show, Massey and his Disney star brother, Kyle, released a rap album under the moniker Massey Boyz. Though the project never took off, "Get Over Here" is admittedly a banger.

Victoria Justice

Perhaps the Zoey 101 alum with the most lucrative music career, Victoria Justice went from playing Zoey's roommate Lola to having her own musically focused Nickelodeon show, Victorious. Not yet overshadowed by then-co-star Ariana Grande, Justice achieved success with singles such as "Freak the Freak Out" and "Best Friend's Brother."

Austin Butler

Guest-starring as Zoey's brief boyfriend James in season 4, Butler has had several smaller appearances playing musicians on iCarly and Are You There, Chelsea? in 2007 and 2012. However, Butler's potential as a musician just increased tenfold with Baz Luhrmann casting him as Elvis Presley in an upcoming biopic.

Daniella Monet

Appearing in a few episodes in season 3 as Chase's girlfriend Rebecca, Monet joined Justice in the cast of Victorious after Zoey 101's demise. Though she portrayed Justice's tone-deaf sister Trina, Monet collaborated with fellow Nickolodeon star Drake Bell on several songs for their roles in The Fairly Oddparents live action movies.