Wish I Was & Kara Kuper’s Uplifting ‘Ready to Start’ Supports Make-A-Wish: Listen


Hope is a powerful medicine. As long as you believe tomorrow will come, you've got strength to fight. That's what the Make-A-Wish Foundation is all about, and to help spread that message, Make-A-Wish celebrates World Wish Day on April 29. For this year's World Wish Day, Make-A-Wish teamed with Australian-born electronic producer Wish I Was to make one kid's dream a reality.

Kara Kuper is an 18-year-old Make-A-Wish alum. She loves to sing, and her wish was to record a song in a professional studio. Kuper has thankfully recovered, and the foundation is proud to make her wish come true. Wish I Was was humbled by the request and excited to be a part of something so human. The pair met in Los Angeles and ultimately recorded an uplifting song of strength and determination called "Ready to Start."

“Words truly can't describe just how incredible it feels to have granted this wish for Kara," Wish I Was says. "When Kara arrived in LA, she showed up with so much confidence, talent and a charismatic personality. I immediately felt this connection that I only get from the special artists who've worked with me for a long time. We recorded a lot of different ideas, and all of them were amazingly beautiful, especially this song 'Ready to Start.' It's a song about hope, bravery and thinking about all the amazing things you want to do when you grow up. 'Ready to Start' is about standing up proud, being strong, fighting fears and having the courage to just be who you are; to love and believe in yourself.”

"Ready to Start" is blissful and inspiring. Kuper's voice is angellic and full of tenacious spirit. Wish I Was' production brings her voice even higher, and with a little vocal chop at the hook, he gives the chill song playful energy. The song is currently featured in a Public Service Announcement campaign for the Foundation, and all proceeds from the song's streams and sales will support future Make-A-Wish endeavors.

“Many of our wish alumni credit the wish with helping them to deal with, and ultimately overcome, their critical illness," says Make-A-Wish America president and CEO Richard Davis. "The inspiration, hope and joy provided by a wish serves as a powerful combination that helps children not just feel better, but get better."

"Ready to Start" is out now on Global Soundsystem Records. Check out the PSA and listen to the tune in full below.