WINNER’s Jinu Releases First Solo Single ‘Call Anytime’ Featuring Mino: Watch the Music Video


Jinu of K-pop boy band WINNER dropped his first solo song today (Aug. 14), in the form of the groovy lovelorn “Call Anytime.”

Featuring fellow WINNER member and rapper Mino, the 27-year-old Jinu (Kim Jin-woo) spends the entirety of “Call Anytime” relaying a hopeless approach to romance, expressing how he’s waiting for the call from a lover who appears to have put him in the back of their mind. With sleek rhythm guitar and the repetitive refrain — the title in Korean is “Again, Again, Again” and is coupled with the rhyming "knock, knock, knock" —  driving much of the melody, the track is both a mellow yet dynamic show of Jinu’s smooth tone. 

The song is featured on a single album titled Jinu’s Heyday, and was released through a music video that takes a comical approach to the song's poignant situation, showing the inner workings of Jinu's mind as if it's a machine, with the singer looking at data while waiting for his lover to "Call Anytime." Mino appears as a devil on his shoulder, teaching him how to act more forthright in his pursuit of romance, though at the end of the song Jinu is still waiting.

Watch the music video for Jinu’s “Call Anytime” featuring Mino below.