Willow Smith Once Walked In On Will & Jada Having Sex


The world is sure to learn a lot more about the Smith family through their upcoming show Red Table Talk, but it seems they’re also learning a fair amount about each other. The show centers around three generations women: Willow Smith, her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. According to a new interview with Vulture, Jada got a little more information than she was expecting when she asked Willow how she first learned about sex. It turns out, she had walked in on her parents without their knowledge!

“She was like, ‘Well, you know, me walking in on you and Dad.’ I had no idea!” she said. “How did that happen?! I was like, ‘Lord have mercy, what did you see? Thank God I have some therapy fund put aside for you.” Thankfully, Willow didn’t actually see all that much, but she had some idea what was going on. “S]he said that what she got from that was that she walked into a private space,” recalled Jada. “She was like, ‘That’s private time.’ She said she didn’t really see anything. But she knew she had just walked in on a very private moment.”

According to Pinkett-Smith, Will didn’t even know about it at the time the interview. “I haven’t told him yet! That’s what’s funny, ’cause I want Will to see this! He’s gonna be like, ‘What?!’ He’s gonna call me and be like, What the hell is going on over there?!” she said. “I didn’t tell him on purpose because I think it’ll be so funny. He does that to me all the time. I’ll sip on my little tea and watch].”

The series premieres May 7th on Facebook Watch.