Will Smith Shares Funny Video With Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, & Wesley Snipes


Days ago, a photo circulated that showed four entertainment industry icons: Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Wesley Snipes. The picture was snapped on the grounds of Tyler Perry’s illustrious new studio in Atlanta, and on Friday, Will shared a clip of what led up to the four men reconnecting for an iconic image.

In a video Will shared on his Instagram page, it seems that he learned Coming to America 2 was filming not far from where he was completing scenes for Bad Boys 3. Will and his team are seen walking outside of the actors’ trailers as James Brown’s classic “The Big Payback” plays in the background.

“Eddie, come out here now!” Will yells. “You can’t hide!” A stunned Eddie finally makes his way out to a loud crowd who is more than happy to see him. “We had to come see you,” Will joked. “Gotta come and kiss the ring. Come pay homage.” As the four men lined up for a photo Will said, “It’s hard to beat this. This right there, that’s ‘iconicism’.” Eddie quips, “I’m glad this video ain’t scratch-n-sniff.” Then the clip cuts to Tracy Morgan stopping by to say his quick hellos before running off back to work. 

“You can’t put @BadBoys 3 next to Coming to America 2 at @TylerPerryStudios and expect us to get ANY work done :-),” Will wrote in the caption. Watch it all go down below.