Will Smith Jokes He Doesn’t Watch "Red Table Talk" Because "They Tellin’ All Our Business!"


Disney’s live-action Aladdin film hits theaters on Friday which means that Will Smith, who portrays the role of Genie, is in full promotion mode. Following his appearance on Ellen yesterday, Smith was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he talked about his blue-bodied role, as well as what’s it’s been like seeing the women of his family star in their Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk.

Smith admitted that the sensitive topics are a tad off-putting for him. “No, I don’t watch it,” he quipped on Tuesday. “They tellin’ all our business!” All jokes aside, Smith is proud of what his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, his daughter Willow Smith, and his mother-in-law Adrienne Banfield-Norris have accomplished with the show. “It’s actually fantastic, the episodes I could bear,” he said. “And they sit down, and it’s really wide open, raw conversation across the generations about a cornucopia of topics.”

Will Smith Jokes He Doesn't Watch "Red Table Talk" Because "They Tellin' All Our Business!"
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Kimmel couldn’t help but joke, “Yeah, right…even a pornocopia of topics, some people might say.” The talk show host was referencing this past Monday’s episodes where the women talked about pornography. Willow shared that she first watched porn as a child and Jada revealed that prior to her relationship with Will, she had a “little porn addiction.”

“Porn addiction I think was the topic,” Smith replied. “Yeah, there was one of those. They all go into a blur, you know?” So out of the three women, what story was worse to hear: his wife, his daughter, or his mother-in-law?  “It’s all bad,” he said.

Watch Smith’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment below: