Will Smith Fails Miserably At Online Dating


You ever been in a position where your underhanded remarks don’t go over with a person you are trying so hard to woo. Picture Will Smith’s goy appeal falling flat to a humorless audience, except this time instead a crowd, he’s on a date, and instead a person smaller stature, put him up against the most emotionally unattainable dating option on the planet. You guessed it, Will Smith took an AI robot by the name Sophia on date to the marina.

“You have a clear head, literally,” he says to his date. Sophia, whose positronic brain does about a tetrabyte per half second, looks noticeably unmoved by the compliment. He continues to search for empty gestures, the tricks that worked 20 years ago at the ULA Book Sale. What in the &%$#. He starts to tic. The robot cranes its neck to avoid misperception. He now knows for certain that his fate lies in the friend zone, for lack a better term.

Will’s excursion into extramarital waters can’t always be bang-on. In his defense, there might be a development flaw in her circuitry which prevented their kiss from going the distance. See for yourself: