Wiley Mocks Drake’s Canadian Accent As Their Beef Intensifies


Over the weekend, Drake responded to the long-running allegations that grime veteran Wiley has made about him. Drake has been accused of jacking elements of several cultures to further his own career for years. More Life was likely the peak of those “culture vulture” allegations with people getting angry about all of the influences he drew from on the album. Drake called out Wiley by name when he spoke on the accusations, saying that it’s some “goofy shit” and noting that he doesn’t see how anybody could call him out for appropriating other people’s cultures. Wiley decided to clap back at the rapper by quoting him directly in an Instagram story, poking fun at the Canadian’s accent and laughing about it afterwards.

Wiley joked that he’s gotten himself into a “war” with Drake after the Scorpion singer officially spoke out on Tiffany Calver’s radio show. “That’s goofy shit like I just had to get that off my chest,” said Wiley, mimicking Drake and adding in some personal touch at the end. Wiley went on to repost the clip of Drake addressing him on Instagram, attempting to prove that he still has a point. “If what I was saying was wrong you would of [sic] stayed silent,” said the rapper with a bunch of crying emojis.

Whose side are you on in this feud? Do you think Drake will address this situation again?