Wiley Accuses Ed Sheeran Of Clout Chasing: "I’m Getting My Guitar & Foot Pedal Out"


In the span of numerous Tweets, Wiley has accused of Ed Sheeran of profiteering at the expense of the UK’s Grime scene, a position he’s taken against other supposed charlatans in the past – namely Drake, and in recent months, by re-igniting his longtime feud with Skepta. In this instance, Wiley’s Tweets were deleted within hours of being published, quite possibly due to a compromise being cut in the background.

Wiley’s Twitter rant against was seemingly incited by news of Ed Sheeran and Stormzy unveiling a remix to “Take Me Back To London.” In light of Wiley’s remarks and his stature in the game, Stormzy felt it was necessary to quell the storm from a neutral position. “No Wiley you know Ed been doing this from early, been a real one from early, can’t question that, you know I love you and respect you brother but nah don’t do that,” Stormzy wrote via Twitter, in an attempt to coerce Wiley into thinking otherwise.

Wiley elaborated on his position by stating that Ed Sheeran by hanging out with people in the UK community to gain some form of credence or popularity. Wiley wrote, “shall I get my guitar and foot pedal out?”, in mocking the method to Ed Sheeran’s madness: power chords and a foot pedal controlling the beat on loopty loop.

“Anyone who uses us and our sounds are culture vultures… I’m getting my guitar and foot pedal out and I don’t wanna hear nobody moaning about nothing,” Wiley continued in one of the since-deleted Tweets.

Others beyond Stormzy have risen to Sheeran’s defense. Jaykae, a Grime artist from Birmingham, has pretty much taken up the lead position in defending Sheeran against Wiley’s claims. Social media users joined in as well, in referencing a Grime song Sheeran collaborated on as early as 2011 (with Griminal and Devlin). Wiley is sworn to protect “the culture” at all costs, even at the risk of flying over the edge at times. Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below.