Why Is Blac Chyna Crying To Logic Song During Instagram Live Stream?


Social media has become a place for individuals to celebrate moments their lives and share how they’re feeling. With multiple platforms and differing functions, it gives us many ways to express ourselves. Early Friday morning, Blac Chyna hopped on Instagram Live to live stream an emotional moment.

The celeb is seen wiping her eyes, vibing out to Logic‘s “Fade Away.” In it, Chyna stares in the camera through her watery eyes, and at times, leans in towards the camera for a close up. She’s also mouthing some the lyrics, and possibly commenting on the songs lyrics, although it’s not entirely audible. Throughout the stream, fans discussed the circumstances that could’ve affected the star, with many showing their support.

Logic discussed the song with Genius, describing the song. ““Fade Away” is about accepting death and this is just a personal opinion that no matter who you are, what historical figure, any that, one day your name will be forgotten. Whether a comet hits the Earth or we all repopularize one day, you’ll be forgotten. Do something for you before you fade away.” Maybe the song has Chyna feeling existential, or perhaps it’s something else? Check out the video and make what you will it.