Who Won the Dillon Francis vs. Deadmau5 Dance-Off? Vote!


The two producers busted moves this past weekend in Southern California.

Impeachment proceedings. Climate change. Is there only bad news in the world?

No way! As Dillon Francis' says, Magic Is Real, and he proved it by recently joining the famously crotchety deadmau5 in a joyful and impromptu dance session.

Dillon Francis, who just dropped the aforementioned Magic Is Real mixtape earlier this month, and deadmau5, currently on tour with his Cube v3 production, were headlining Escape: Psycho Circus in Southern California last Friday. The "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" producer (sans helmet) was so moved by Francis' unironic use of ABBA's enduring "Dancing Queen" that he just had to hop on the decks — not to DJ back-to-back, but to literally jump on top of the booth and dance.

The two superstar artists shared a few awkward moves in front of an exhilarated crowd, Francis doing so in what looked to be a naked-guy costume. But the real question is: Who got down best? Which did you enjoy more: deadmau5's drunk mom-of-the-bride dance moves, or Francis' 7-year-old does the swim stylings?

You be the judge. Watch the clip and vote below.