‘Who Want Smoke?’ Rapper Nardo Wick Explains Why Robberies Were More Lucrative Than Having A Real Job


Atlanta, Georgia – Nardo Wick’s stock has risen since his breakout hit “Who Want Smoke?” put him on the radar of Hip Hop connoisseurs. He’s seeing a lot of money come his way, and he’s enjoying it, especially when he’s not that far removed from his old life as he just started rapping last year.

During a recent visit to the Big Facts Podcast, Nardo Wick reflected on his past upbringing and how life is different for him now. According to Nardo, there was a point in his life where he thought robbing people was way more lucrative than having a real job. Now that he’s a full-time rapper, he doesn’t need to have that mindset anymore.

“I would just look at it like I would go rob a n-gga and get this much, why would I go to work,” Nardo said. “But you got to think, for real though, if I go do this to somebody and get $7,000 or $5,000, why I’m finna go to work for two weeks and make $500, hell nah.”


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The hosts of the Big Facts Podcast chuckled at Nardo’s admission but the 19-year-old rap star was serious as he could be. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to rob anymore, given he’s one of the brightest young rappers in the game.

Nardo Wick proved that last month when he earned his first platinum record for “Who Want Smoke?” from the Recording Industry Association of America. The song grew legs on social media, specifically TikTok, and it became so popular that Lil Durk, G Herbo and 21 Savage lent their voices to the remix, which peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Nardo took to his Instagram to announce the news by simply appreciating his fans for all the support.

“I Preciate y’all,” he wrote in the caption of his post.

Check out the full episode of Nardo Wick visiting the Big Facts Podcast below.