Who Should Win Season 10 of 'RuPaul's Drag Race': Staff Picks


RuPaul was feeling generous as she announced that all four the remaining competitors Drag Race season 10 — Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Eureka O’Hara and Kameron Michaels — advanced to the finals at the end Thursday night’s episode. The foursome will be competing for the crown at the season’s finale (June 28) after what will surely be an explosive reunion episode next week.

With the finalists for the show’s 10th season announced, Billboard’s staff weighed in on who they’d like to take the title America’s next drag superstar. Check out their choices below.

Asia O'Hara! She had me at Tap That App. Hilarious. And when she's not making an intentionally busted face, she's gorgeous, even when dressed as Big Bird. She is my one and only pick for the winner. She is also the one and only person I have left standing on my Fantasy Drag Race team. Oops. — Christine Werthman, Deputy Managing Editor

Full disclosure: I was not a Eureka fan after season 9. But her candor about her emotional ups and down, her distinctive makeup style and her hysterical, singular performances have made me Stan. I love that she has a snappy response to everything — frequently delivered even before the person she's speaking to has finished their sentence. Is that 'extra'? Hell yeah, but I don't want a meditative, Zen drag queen — I want someone with a Godzilla-sized personality who leaves their mark on everything within a five-mile radius. This season, Eureka is a FORCE. — Joe Lynch, Deputy Editor, Digital

I'm rooting for Asia O'Hara. Much like Southern Queen Trinity Taylor before her, Asia has shown her versatility throughout the competition. Not only has she showcased her skills as a performer, a top-notch seamstress and an inventive, creative designer, she's got quite the comedy chops, as displayed in the 'Tap That App,' challenge. As an outspoken woman myself, I also adore Asia's straight-forward comments in her confessionals and on the runway. She's truly grown in this competition and has continued to wow me as the competition has progressed. While something tells me that it's Aquaria's to lose, I'm certainly a fan Ms. Asia and I'm thrilled she brought some flair to this season. — J'na Jefferson, Staff Writer for Vibe.com

At the start the season, I thought Aquaria was vapid and self-absorbed — even though I was always gagged by her runway looks. But week after week, she's proven herself to be thoughtful and compassionate. She's got the lewks, the heart and she definitely deserves the crown. — Evan Real, Associate Editor at The Hollywood Reporter

Eureka O'Hara has been serving bold lewks all season long and has the larger-than-life personality to match (which historically hasn't always been the case for Drag Race winners in my opinion!). Her challenge performances regularly stole the show. Eureka's Alana/Honey Boo Boo in Snatch Game was on point- honestly she was robbed on that challenge. Also, it's about damn time for a big queen to hold the crown. Go Eureka! –Jennifer Arnow, Associate Photo Editor

I'll admit it: I'm an absolute sucker for a high-fashion look queen. But let's be real — Aquaria has not only served some the greatest looks to ever hit that main stage but also done exceptionally in the acting and dance performance challenges. With three wins under her belt, including both the Snatch Game and the Ball (as the first queen to ever win both), Ru needs to go ahead and crown the b*tch. She said it so eloquently herself: “I don't define drag; drag is defined by me.” –Henry Youtt, Editorial Intern

I'm rooting for Asia O'Hara! The world we live in now is so messed up and we need a compassionate, inspiring, and uplifting queen like Asia to lead us through this darkness to beauty. Asia has the life experience and intelligence to know who she is and how she can help others, what a real leader and winner should be. She's also the prettiest. 🙂 —Samantha Xu, Photo Editor

When season 10 started, I was not an Aquaria fan — her behavior seemed snobbish, her performances in challenges seemed underwhelming, and she was getting into regular fights with The Vixen, my favorite from the season. But I am not immune to a change heart. Aquaria dominated Snatch Game (the most well-deserved win the season), she turned a look every single time she stepped out on to the runway (her evil twin look from last week was one the best in Drag Race history), and she showed us that even at the mere age 21, she is deserving this crown. More importantly, she has the best track record, and I refuse to watch another queen that I love dearly lose the crown in yet another last-minute rule change (looking at you, Shea and Shangela). –Stephen Daw, contributor

I AM #TEAMEUREKA through and through! As a fellow big gurl, (same height, weight AND age as Eureka lol) she inspires me to never let my size hold me back from anything I want to do. She is always so polished and proportionized, she gives you high Euphiltior glamour with every lewk, and stomps and slays while always remaining vulnerable and genuine. Her Honey Boo Boo gave me life, and personally I think she and Aquaria should have BOTH won Snatch Game! We deserve a Big Girl to snatch the crown (and Tweeterhead Statuette?) so I'm rooting for you, Mama! — Zach Aaronson, Executive Assistant to CRO

Eureka is a force to be reckoned with, but I'm rooting for Aquaria. She represents the hip downtown New York vibe, and she's turned badass looks week after week. I am still gagging over her final runway look. — Antonio Cruz Teixeira, Senior Video Producer

I’ll be the first to admit that I came into season 10 with a bit a bias as soon as I saw that Aquaria would be competing. Having been obsessed with the looks she served on her Instagram, I knew that she would be making it to the finale and fortunately, she never let her fans down. I’m not one to argue with Ru, and she was spot on when she said that in the history Drag Race, Aquaria goes down as “one the top five girls who has brought the looks.” After Aquaria sashayed (well, wheeled her way) down the runway in her oil-drenched mermaid look in episode seven, I was fully hooked (line and sinker). — Rebecca Schiller, Web Content Manager

I have been a huge fan Asia O’Hara since I first saw her during my set visit for the Breastworld taping. She patiently stood in the wings in heels for nearly two hours before a PA grabbed her a chair. She exudes pressionalism, even when the camera isn’t on her. And given this season’s important discussions about race, a win for Asia would be particularly meaningful. — Patrick Crowley, Billboard Pride Editor