Who Shot Ghost? 50 Cent Shares "Power" Teaser That May Reveal The Answer


After watching the mid-season finale of Power last weekend, one question was hanging on everybody’s mind: Who Shot Ghost??? Played by Omari Hardwick, Ghost is one of the main characters in the highly-celebrated series and people were surprised to see what happened to him. A guessing game has erupted ever since and theories have broken out across the internet. Even stars like Trey Songz and Bow Wow are getting involved to give their take on the matter. In the latest teaser for the upcoming continuation of the sixth season, 50 Cent is hinting at the man who may have actually pulled the trigger on James St. Patrick.

Who Shot Ghost? 50 Cent Shares "Power" Teaser That May Reveal The Answer
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

“I’m not about to lose my career because of James St. Patrick,” says Councilman Rashad Tate in the video. “He scorched the earth with me. I’m gonna get rid of him once and for all.” The man can be seen loading a handgun before aiming it at an undetermined target and firing. 

Of course, this means that Tate can be considered one of the suspects in the shooting. We don’t think the producers of Power would let us know what happened that easily though. If Councilman Tate did it, that would just be too obvious now. Who do you think is responsible for Ghost’s shooting?