Who Is Celina Powell? Everything We Know About Notorious Hip-Hop Groupie


Celia Powell’s name has been on many lips late. Perhaps that’s exactly to her liking. Perhaps, however, she simply wants justice to prevail. While Maury is no doubt waiting on standby, the ongoing saga Offset‘s alleged lovechild continues to remain shrouded in mystery. As now, the alliteratively named baby Karma Kiari is healthy and happy, regardless the father’s identity. Some might say, that’s what truly matters. However, in this age where an enticing narrative conquers all, the identity Karma’s father has provided a captivating substitute for early-afternoon syndicated dramas. 

Though her name (and reputation) has echoed throughout the hip-hop community, Celina Powell has largely remained a periphery player in the game. She seems to possess an interesting ability to target and seduce rappers, and if her word can be believed, has amassed a list conquests longer than the last five XXL Freshman lists. Judging from previous interviews, primarily with her homie DJ Akademiks, Celina seems to take pride in her ability to entice various rappers. In fact, Ak has played a pivotal role in providing her with a platform; she even did a pregnancy test live on his stream, and continues to speak on the ongoing drama his Twitch stream.

In fact, this isn’t Celina’s first rodeo. It doesn’t matter if a man is married. If he’s willing to stray, Celina dubs him fair game. She previously attempted to trap Waka Flocka, claiming he impregnated her. Yet in the words the aforementioned Maury, “that was a lie!” This time around, however, she swears that her claims are true. If so, the Migos family tree has grown another branch.

A Youtube search Celina Powell reveals plenty similar titles. “IG Thot” is generally used as a chief descriptor. One interview promises that she’ll be “exposing rappers”, and she shamelessly delivers on that front. She does, however, draw the line somewhere, proclaiming Post Malone to “not be her type.” Now that the responsibility motherhood is upon her, there may be a chance that Celina’s prowling days are over. Or maybe, now that she’s been hit with the thrill giving life, it may awaken something so primal even the strongest, iron-forged chastity belt doesn’t stand a chance.

You’ve heard the name. Now familiarize yourself with the notorious groupie, homewrecker, and mother Celina Powell.

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