Who Decides Which Songs Become Hits?


The A&R (Artists and Repertoire) process of music publishers involves scouting and selecting artists and their music. This process typically includes attending live performances, reviewing demos, social media, past releases and negotiating contracts with potential artists. Once an artist is signed, publishers may provide creative input and resources to help them refine their sound and develop their career. A&R professionals also play a key role in identifying potential hits and promoting songs to radio stations, music supervisors, and other industry professionals. At the end of the day, the entire A&R process is highly biased, relying on the opinion of one or very few individuals at the music publishing companies and labels. Additionally, these individuals tend to sign artists that have already gained significant popularity, oftentimes disregarding more talented musicians with smaller followings or past success.

Tunedly, a music production and publishing company, is transforming the A&R process with its innovative web application. Unlike the traditional A&R process that has been dominated by industry insiders, Tunedly’s platform democratizes music scouting by giving music fans a voice in what songs get released. This approach opens up new avenues for music discovery, creating a community of passionate music lovers who are helping to shape the future of the industry. By bridging the gap between music creators and listeners, Tunedly’s platform breaks down barriers and provides new opportunities for music fans to engage with the industry, while also generating royalties for those who discover hit songs. Through its unique approach, Tunedly is revolutionizing the A&R process and empowering music fans around the world.

In 2022, Tunedly first introduced their “masked music discovery platform,” an innovative tool that redefines the relationship between music creators and listeners. Through this cutting-edge platform, artists can upload their music, which fans can stream for free alongside major label artists. But what makes Tunedly’s approach unique is its commitment to anonymous listening. All songs are played without revealing the artist’s name, image, or other information that could reveal their identity. This anonymity helps to eliminate listener bias, a common issue on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Tidal. With Tunedly’s “masked music discovery platform,” the focus is solely on the music, allowing for a more objective and inclusive listening experience.

Tunedly leverages Artificial Intelligence to analyze listener behavior and identify up-and-coming artists with the potential to become major hitmakers. These promising talents are then signed to exclusive publishing contracts through a collaboration with partner Spirit Music Group, which offers opportunities to get their music placed with major label artists, in films, TV shows, and other sync licensing opportunities. With Tunedly’s “masked music discovery platform,” which democratizes the process of music discovery and connects creators with a global audience, the company is redefining the future of the music industry. By leveraging the power of AI and their commitment to anonymous listening, Tunedly is changing the game and opening up new opportunities for emerging artists to break through in an increasingly competitive industry.

Tunedly is leading a transformation in the music industry, not only changing the way that music is discovered and promoted but also revolutionizing how music fans are rewarded. Tunedly has created a new model that empowers “scouts,” who are music lovers that can earn TunedCoins and NFTs by discovering future hits on the platform. On the Tunedly platform, each listener is granted one star per day, which they can award to the song they believe has the most potential to be signed to a publishing contract.

For every listener who awards a star to a song that eventually secures a publishing deal, Tunedly awards the listener with an NFT of that particular song. In addition, the first 1,000 listeners who gave the song a star also receive TunedCoin, Tunedly’s proprietary cryptocurrency. When the song starts generating royalties, Tunedly shares its publishing portion of the royalties with the NFT holders of the song. The amount of royalties each NFT holder receives is directly proportional to their total TunedCoin holdings. By introducing this novel approach, Tunedly is revolutionizing the music industry and creating new opportunities for music fans to engage with and be rewarded for their passion for music. This groundbreaking model empowers fans and creates a more inclusive and transparent music industry that benefits everyone involved.

Tunedly was co-founded in 2016 by Chris Erhardt, a former music producer and songwriter, and Mylene Besancon, a former artist manager. The company started as an online recording studio, offering songwriters access to top session musicians and singers. Over time, Tunedly became known as a market leader in the online music production industry, with a reputation for excellence and innovation. Building on this success, the company expanded its services and established its music publishing arm, providing a complete solution for music creators from recording to publishing. By combining cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise, Tunedly is transforming the way that music is made and marketed in the digital age.

Partnering with Spirit Music Group, one of the largest independent music publishers in the U.S., Tunedly launched its music publishing arm, featuring an innovative approach to signing new songs and artists that had never been seen before in the music industry. As Tunedly continues to make waves, only time will tell whether it can rise to the top of the music publishing industry. However, with its unique selection process, Tunedly is already generating significant attention in the industry.

Tunedly continues to innovate in the music industry by incorporating blockchain technology and AI into the A&R process. This is another example of the company’s dedication to providing musicians and fans with the latest and most advanced tools and services. Similar to when Tunedly brought the entire recording studio to the cloud in 2016, the integration of blockchain technology and AI further establishes the company as a trailblazer in the music industry.

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