Which New Jonas Brothers Song Is the Best? Vote!


Vote for your favorite 'Happiness Begins' cut.

The Jonas Brothers’ comeback album Happiness Begins arrived on Friday (June 7) and with a generous 14 tracks, there’s no doubt that fans will be pleased.

Of course, “Sucker” is a clear bop, but now there are so many other great options to choose from when trying to declare a favorite song. “Only Human” has a surprisingly reggae flare to it, while “I Believe” is a sensual and sweet tune that proves our favorite brothers have finally grown up. And “Happy When I’m Sad” proves that even though they’ve grown up, they still struggle (over a deceivingly happy monster chorus).

The decision is tough, but now that it’s here, we have to know: which song off the new JoBros album is your favorite? Vote below!