What You Can Expect From The "Avengers: End Game" Re-Release


Marvel Studios head-honcho recently let split that Avengers: End Game would be getting re-released in theatres this upcoming weekend. Considering the original movie is still playing in theatres, we are eager to know what we can expect from the re-release. Though the aim for studio heads remains fixated on beating out the record set by James Cameron’s Avatar, which managed to crush Titanic. In order to increase interest and entice viewers to head back to the theatres to re-watch the lengthy movie, Marvel Studios and Disney are packing on some extra material to squeeze out the extra $40 million dollars or so needed to make their goal. And now, we have just gotten details from UPROXX on what can be expected from the upcoming re-released flick.

The source, Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic, reports on what he’s learned: “This week’s re-release of Avengers: Endgame will include will be a new deleted scene that plays after the credits, which features the Hulk. It’s not the Kathrine Langford scene that many were hoping to see (which hopefully will show up on the Blu-ray), but rather a Hulk scene that fits more as a post-credit thing than the older Morgan Stark would. Some showings will include an introduction by the Russo Brothers as well. In addition to the scene and the Stan Lee tribute, there will be a short tease for Spider-Man: Far From Home.”