What Makes a Good Role Model? Lali, Pabllo Vittar & More Latin Artists Chime In


A wave of Latin music artists and TV stars strutted the blue carpet at the 2019 Premios Juventud awards on Thursday night, which had the mission of inspiring, motivating and leading today’s youth.

Highlighting this year’s motto, Billboard talked to some of the hottest music acts of the moment to figure out what makes a good role model.

Puerto Rican artist Guaynaa, Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar, Argentine sensation Lali, and even French DJ Cedric Gervais, to name a few, chimed in. Check out their responses below.

GUAYNAA: “To have a good heart. I understand that while you keep growing in the industry and become more famous, you also need to let your heart grow and in humility.”

LALI: “For me, it’s important to not see the difference in social classes and professions or who has the most money. A person who’s real does not even think about those things!”

PABLLO VITTAR: “Be patient! Everyone has their moment to shine. Calm down and take it easy, honey!” 

ROMBAI: “In all of their decisions, they have to have good morals and be humane. They have to be humble, hardworking and have a lot of patience because, in this industry, you need to have a lot of patience.”

MAU & RICKY: “Someone who is respectful and kind!”

CEDRIC GERVAIS: “A good quality a role model should have is to listen. When people come up to you for advice, listen!”