What Is Your Favorite P!nk Video Ever? Vote!


P!nk is responsible for creating some of the most memorable music videos of the last 20 years. Her early videos like "Don't Let Me Get Me" and "Lady Marmalade," alongside Christina Aguilera, Mya and Lil' Kim, will burn in our brains forever, with the singer's youthful punk edge setting her apart from most pop stars at the time.

And the videos that came later were just as good. "Stupid Girls" was a hilarious parody of the Paris Hiltons of the world, while "Try" was a much softer, intimate look at two partners through the art of dance.

Her newest video for "90 Days," featuring Wrabel, dropped Tuesday, and it was another heavy-hitting clip which, co-starring her real-life husband Carey Hart. The two are shown together sitting at home, in a car and in a very emotional bathtub session.

Now, the new clip has us looking back at all the star's music video greatness. P!nk clearly has a vision, and she never fails to think outside the box when the time comes to create a visual.

There's so many great picks, we have to know: Which one is your favorite? Vote and revisit the videos below!