Wet Announces 'Still Run' Album Release Date, Track List


Brooklyn-based indie pop group Wet has announced today (May 11) that their sophomore album Still Run will arrive July 13.

“The album is] about leaving dysfunctional relationships even when it is easier to stay,” Kelly Zutrau said in a statement. “It’s also a call to myself to keep doing, running, making things in an overwhelming world. To not get stuck in comfortable situations if they’re not helping you to grow and live. It’s a documentation my attempt to get control my life, my relationships and my art and the losses I experienced in that process.”

The band has also unveiled the track list for the record, and the ficial video for “Lately” (watch below). The previously released tracks “There's a Reason” and “Stens” appear on the album as well. Check out the band's tour dates here.

Still Run track list:

1. Still Run (feat. Starchild & The New Romantic)
2. There's A Reason
3. You're Not Wrong
4. Lately
5. Stens
6. 11 Hours
7. This Woman Loves You
8. Out Of Tune
9. Visitor
10. Love Is Not Enough