Westside Gunn’s "FLYGOD Is An Awesome God" Is True Grit


Today, Griselda’s master orchestrator Westside Gunn has come through with his official follow-up to last year’s Supreme Blientele, the focused and concise FLYGOD Is An Awesome God. With contributions from a long list of the streets finest, including Alchemist, Madlib, Benny The Butcher, Sauce Walka, Raekwon, and Conway, Gunn’s third studio album may very well be his finest effort thus far. After all, any album that opens with Raekwon’s iconic shit-talking is destined for at least some degree of greatness. “I appreciate seeing a reflection of me and mine,” says Raekwon, addressing his rising Griselda contemporaries. “A great listener is a great learner.”

On that note, FLYGOD requires a great listener’s attention, as Westside’s music might prove an acquired taste for some. Should you be unfamiliar with their underground, rugged aesthetic, it might be difficult to anchor yourself properly. Yet for those who came up on that New York raw tip, Westside’s unique sense of vision is a breath of fresh air. Songs like “Bautista” conjure vivid imagery of shady backalley dealings, while the penultimate “Gunnlib” finds Westside channeling his inner Gangsta Gibbs, unleashing linguistics over minimalist Madlib production.

Should you be looking for something to ride to, look no further than Westside Gunn’s brand new drop. The pinnacle of independent artistry, the Griselda boys continue to cover new groundwork. Is this his best project thus far?