Westside Gunn Marvels At Well-Deserved Times Square Billboard


Westside Gunn may very well be the understated hustler of the year. With every passing month, his chokehold on the rap game grows ever tighter. Backed by the likes of Conway and Benny The Butcher, a pair of formidable lyricists unmatched in delivering gully street bars, Westside has consistently dropped new music at a prolific rate. Most recently, the Buffalo entrepreneur released Hitler Wears Hermes 7, another excellent album from the Griselda camp; be sure to peep that “Kool G” as an initiation process

Westside Gunn Marvels At Well-Deserved Times Square Billboard

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Suffice it to say, Westside Gunn has earned his stripes, and there’s a constant feeling that the best is yet to come. With a Shady Records group project and Conway’s official solo debut in the cards for 2020, Griselda is positioned for a massive breakout campaign, perhaps building a similar foundation that Wu-Tang laid all those years ago. Today, Westside Gunn took a moment to reflect on his career, inspired by earning himself a Time Square billboard. 

GOD u could’ve chosen ANYBODY but I’m so thankful You have Chosen ME, sending me to prison to learn myself, to get wiser to get stronger, them long nights we planned ALL of this it’s finally happening,” he writes the World can’t deny me bc we’re making it to hard for them, who would’ve ever thought a KID from BUFFALO would be standing tall in the #1 spot in the world but it’s plenty more to do for the Culture and I’m Ready, IM IN TIME SQ.” 

Congratulations to Westside Gunn and the Griselda boys, and don’t sleep on some of the best out right now.