Wendy's Destroys McDonald's On Twitter In Response To New Fresh Beef Burgers


Yesterday, McDonald’s did announce that their restaurants will be serving fresh meat in their Quarter Pounders and Signature Crafted Recipe sandwiches, which lead rival chain Wendy’s to single out this prospective alteration. Taking to Twitter, the company critically pointed out its main competitor in an epic and seemingly ceaseless stream tweets pointing out the fast food chain’s use frozen meat in all its other burgers. 

The company’s first post, aimed squarely at McDonald’s, took no prisoners in its attempt to elucidate the perceived lack quality their frozen, not fresh patties. 

However, the folks at Wendy’s extrapolated on their biting sentiment, berating their rival over-and-over again to drive home their point. In an effort to visualize their argument, the company began to use limp and lifeless images McDonald’s classic menu items including the Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger and more. 

Wendy’s shade quotient is on overdrive, as the folks who run the company’s social media presence aren’t afraid to dish out some biting criticism in service “quality” fast food. 

. Ironically, those are the two items that were not singled out in Wendy’s takedown frozen burgers.