Wendy Williams Says She Has A "Plethora Of Men" Since She’s Dating "Pretty Often"


As we know, Wendy Williams is a single woman since she served her husband Kevin Hunter with divorce papers weeks ago. While Kevin is looking to not only have Wendy pay spousal and child support, he’s also requesting she pay his legal fees. As the legal drama is still figuring itself out (with help from lots of lawyers) Wendy is enjoying her mingling time. 

“I’m reclaiming my life,” Wendy said on today’s episode of her self-titled show, Page Six reports. “I don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m rediscovering my love of men … I do date and I date pretty often…” Wendy discussed more on her bachelor pad in New York and how many male friends pop by to visit her lavish living. 

“The parade of men will continue because I need things lifted, put in position,” she said. “I’m still unpacking boxes for God’s sakes. That’s all I’m saying.”

Wendy Williams Says She Has A "Plethora Of Men" Since She's Dating "Pretty Often"
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

More recently, Wendy threw shade at her ex using the help of Ayesha Curry and her recent comments about “lurking” women who pray on her husband, Stephen Curry. 

“There are a lot of women who don’t have respect for a marriage,” Wendy told her audience before looking into the camera. “You know what I’m saying? A lot of women who know your man is married will have the nerve to be right up under him right under your nose.”