Wendy Williams Says R. Kelly Is "Wonderful" & He Thanks Her For The "Love"


Wendy Williams is known for saying some questionable things and putting her foot in her mouth, but has anyone else noticed that she’s really been saying some crazy shit lately?

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Well, if you’re not convinced Wendy had her audience a little confused when she told them who her “new friend is.” Once she revealed it was R. Kelly, she didn’t receive any cheers, but rather just a number audience members saying “what?” and “boo.” The clip even shows her camera operator who was just as shocked. 

“People have many layers to their personality,” she said. “And I must tell you, Robert is wonderful. Excuse me for living and giving people a break.”

She further explains how she met up with the singer – who has been charged for child pornography, seducing young women and more – where they had a two and a half hour meeting, detailing how the “brown” was already poured when she walked in. Watch the clip below.

This isn’t the first time Wendy has mentioned R. Kelly on her talk show. Not too long ago Wendy said she was “sick ” the #MeToo movement and said the women who are protesting to stop R. Kelly from performing – in wake the movement-  are “10 years too late.”

“This has nothing to do with #MeToo,” she said. “R. Kelly is just a very, very sick man.”

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What changed to make her now be friends with a “very sick man”?