Wendy Williams' Most Savage Moments


When dissecting the cacophony loud-mouthed haters sounding f in the arena public opinion, the shrill, obnoxious voice television personality Wendy Williams always seems to cut through the noise. Straddling the line between fame and infamy for her collection ill-timed, clout-chasing disses cocked and aimed at whichever hot-at-the-moment celebrity is making headlines that week, Wendy Williams' nationally syndicated talk show has stayed making waves on social media since its premiere in 2008. Taking the tricks she learned to increase viewership by way savage, judgmental burns from her days as a "shock jockette," Williams' on-air antics even united the Twitterverse to get the #CancelWendyWilliams hashtag trending and noticed by the suits at Debmar-Mercury and 20th Television.

While The Wendy Williams Show still lives on to exist as the lowest common denominator for all daytime television programs, its opprobrious host clearly enjoys the opportunity each day to bring her phospholipid-lookin' ass in front the camera and dunk on celebs with abandon. 

Guided by her "say it like you mean it" mantra, it's clear that Williams has no reservations about starting beef with everyone from 50 Cent to Draya. Fif, not one to take a straight diss without responding, clowned on Williams' t-discussed fainting episode during a 2017 live Halloween broadcast her program. While the host eventually reached out to her fans and assured them that all was well--she just needed some "water and electrolytes," 50 failed to let the moment that sparked a thousand memes pass without throwing shade on social media. 

“When you talk shit online and run into the person in real life,” posted 50 alongside a short clip Williams hitting the floor. 

Brushing f the diss by calling the "In Da Club" rapper "Petty Spaghetti," it's obvious that Williams DGAF who she comes for. Check this collection Williams' most savage moments to gleam the gems out the cesspool that is daytime television.