Wendy Williams’ Husband Blames Her For Poisoning Relationship With Son


The last week has been dramatic as all hell for Wendy WilliamsIt started out fine with the talk show focusing more on Hollywood drama that doesn’t involve her family but on Wednesday, her estranged husband and her son got into a heated altercation in a parking lot and things actually got physical. The cops were called after Kevin Hunter Jr. punched his dad in the face. Kevin Sr. said he does not want to press charges against his son and shortly after being taken into police custody, Wendy took her son to Chicago for a business trip. Now, the latest development in their ongoing saga has Wendy’s estranged husband blaming her for ruining his relationship with their son, accusing her of trash-talking him at every opportunity she has.

Wendy Williams' Husband Blames Her For Poisoning Relationship With Son
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I don’t know about you but after cheating on his wife for over a decade and getting his mistress pregnant, maybe Kevin Hunter shouldn’t be blaming other people for the demise of his family life. Regardless, he’s out here saying that Wendy Williams is the reason he and his son’s relationship has become so strained. Kevin is saying that Wendy has gotten in their son’s ear about him, talking smack and “brainwashing” him. In the last few weeks, Hunter Sr. has sent his son lengthy text messages and has invited him to spend time together but he’s been getting back one-word replies. 

Before Wendy filed for divorce, Kevin and Kevin were apparently super tight so the changes have to do with the entertainer, according to TMZ.

Wendy Williams' Husband Blames Her For Poisoning Relationship With Son
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