Wendy Williams Finds Comfort In Husband Kevin Hunter After Graves Disease Diagnosis


Wendy Williams has made enemies and allies throughout her tumultuous reign as daytime’s most scandalous. Never one to shy away from the low-blow, Williams has waded into more hip-hop beefs than the average rapper. Aside from drawing the wrath Method Man, 50 Cent, T.I, and more, Williams has also widened her scope to include some pop culture’s most cherished. Not even the Beyonces and Kardashians the world are safe. Truth be told, Wendy William’s cold takes and ostensible lack empathy have painted her as somewhat a villain.

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Recently, Williams was diagnosed with Graves disease. As a result, she was strongly advised to take a three week hiatus from The Wendy Williams Show. While she balked at the idea hiring a temporary replacement host, it seemed like she was in good spirits, content to spend her sick leave “being fabulous,” in her own words. It would appear she doesn’t plan on her time f alone. Despite a rocky history, Williams was recently spotted with husband Kevin Hunter, on the way to the diagnosis center. While it’s not entirely uncommon for husband and wife to be spotted together, one must recall the sordid history within this relationship. 

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Hunter’s affairs are well documented, and many have wondered what kept Williams devoted to her notoriously infidelity-prone husband. It’s no doubt complicated, but the fact remains that Williams and Hunter seem to have something strong keeping them together. Still, that hasn’t stopped the jokes about him texting his side-piece in the picture below.