Wendy Williams & DJ Boof Spark Rumors After Summer Jam Appearance


This year has been pretty wild for Wendy Williams. It all started with rumors about her family life leaking out into the open. At that point, her husband had allegedly gotten his mistress pregnant. While that information was not confirmed at the time, it only took a few weeks for everything to come to light. Months later now, Wendy is a single woman living her best life in New York City. She says that her phone is blowing up with date requests and she consistently speaks on all the hot topics on her talk show. This weekend, Wendy made a surprise appearance at Hot 97 Summer Jam, popping up with DJ Boof, who works closely with her on her show. 

Wendy Williams & DJ Boof Spark Rumors After Summer Jam Appearance
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

When fans noticed the television personality on stage in her shades just bobbing along to the music, all the reactions started to impact social media. She stood near the DJ booth as she watched Casanova’s performance play out from close range. People were happy to see her looking so good, noting that she looks worlds better than she did a few weeks ago.

When she was married to Kevin Hunter, Wendy and Boof weren’t seemingly this close. In the last few weeks, they’ve gotten to know each other more closely and people believe they could be an item. Especially after Boof slid into her messages mere days after her divorce went public. What do you think?