Weki Meki Revel In the Summer with ‘Tiki-Taka (99%)’: Watch


K-pop girl group Weki Meki put forth a vivacious pop tune in the form of the retro-inspired "Tiki-Taka (99%)."

Out on Tuesday (Aug. 13), the new single fronts their Week End LOL reissued album, and is a bright, ebullient song of summer full of disco and synthpop elements as well as groovy bass. Soaring with the layered, harmonious vocals of the members as they sing about finding that missing 1% of love, it’s Weki Meki’s follow-up to May’s “Picky Picky.”

The music video for the group’s new song features the eight members of Weki Meki chilling poolside and enjoying the warm weather with water fights and lemonade before partying the night away, all the while singing the addicting tune and its upbeat chorus of "Tiki-taka little more." The whole thing is bookended by scenes with the group listening to and trying to get rid of an analog radio that assigns them missions.

“Tiki-Taka (99%)” refers to a soccer move popularized by Pep Guardiola, when he was the manager of FC Barcelona.

Watch Weki Meki’s “Tiki-Taka (99%)” music video below.