Watch Trixie Mattel Slay Rapid-Fire Covers of ABBA, Mariah Carey, RuPaul & More


Trixie Mattel has proven time and time again that, when it comes to writing, singing and releasing her own music, she's a pro. Now, she's getting quizzed on singing everyone else's music.

On Thursday (Nov. 14), Mattel appeared in the latest edition of Elle's "Song Association" series, where she was tasked with finding and singing a song with one specific word in it, with just 10 seconds on the clock. And as you likely guessed, Trixie did very well. "You might not think that I'm good at this because I'm a cosmetics mogul," she said, smirking. "But I am very multi-talented."

For the first half of the video, Trixie went completely undefeated, knocking out covers of Petula Clark's "Downtown", RuPaul's "Kitty Girl", Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me" and even Bob the Drag Queen's "Purse First" (although he did make a shady little crack at Bob when she added, "I mean, that's not really a song, but …").

The star began stumbling a bit when she got to the word "always" — she nailed "Always Be My Baby," but shortly hesitated before asking if the song was song by Mariah Carey. "I fully didn't know," she said. When faced with "sunset," she couldn't find a song, because she got caught on fellow drag queen Lady Bunny's raunchy parody of Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." She also lost her train of thought on the word "mine."

That being said, the star still pulled out a 13/15 score, with the help of her renditions of songs like "Smile" by Vitamin C, "Walk Like a Man" by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, and "Number 1" by Goldfrapp. "Who struggles with this?" she joked. "Amish people? People who don't have music?"

Check out Trixie's full game of "Song Association" below: