Watch Trixie Mattel Gush Over The Go-Go’s & Tell a *Very* Revealing Pride Story


The time has come! Drag superstar Trixie Mattel is heading back out on tour in 2020 with Grown Up, her new stage show featuring a full band, more music (from her upcoming album Barbara) and looks that she promises are going to wow crowds. "Now that I'm secure in writing some cool music and in writing some really hilarious jokes, I need to make sure these bitches leave with their wigs fully snatched off their heads," she tells Billboard.

To celebrate, we decided to sit down with Mattel and ask her a few simple questions, and the "Yellow Cloud" singer came ready. For starters, when asked who she's listening to right now, Mattel said that despite her country aesthetic (or, as she calls herself, "that yee-haw girl"), she can't stop listening to the new-wave girl group The Go-Go's.

"I have been down the rabbit hole of The Go-Go's. I am obsessed, they're so good," she says. "I would say that they're underrated, but they are the most successful female band of all time, so I would say they are appropriately rated."

The performer also shared some excellent advice she was once given, where a fellow queen told her: "Know what you're worth, and demand three times that." Though, she adds, she really prefers "the advice given to Eddie Murphy about not taking other people's advice."

To close the clip, Mattel recounted a particularly fun memory from one Pride event where the star revealed more to her audience than intended. "I was -- I don't wanna say drunk, I'll say blackout, and I was in a kaftan spinning onstage," she says. "I wasn't wearing anything under the kaftan, and so another drag queen had to come out and say, 'Everyone can see your ... you know, cash and prizes!' So that was fun."

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