[WATCH] Too Short Says He “Made A Conscious Effort” To Keep 2Pac Away From His Friends


Oakland Hip Hop legend Too Short made an appearance on the 85 South Show podcast and delved into his first time meeting late cultural icon Tupac Shakur and the evolution of Shakur following him embarking on his solo career after leaving Digital Underground. Short spoke candidly about keeping his friends away from ‘Pac, citing that they may have a negative impact on the then burgeoning star.

The “Blow The Whistle” star said “I’ve been platinum before most n***as. Shock G was the leader of Digital Underground, but 2Pac was the little homie in the crew.” He continued, “But 2Pac started coming of age, and I looked at him, I liked the n***a. But I’m an East Oakland n***a, right? And I seen him, he used to always keep his little thing, he was not a punk. He was ready for whatever. He was a real one.”

Too Short told the story to maintain the theme that he was concerned about ‘Pac’s well being, saying, “But I was like, ‘I cannot bring this n***a around my homies ‘cause it’s going to be like oil and fire.’ When 2Pac got to L.A., he went 10,000 mph. I knew it! I was like, ‘I cannot bring this n***a around my homies,’ so I literally made a conscious effort to not ever bring 2Pac to — he found his way to Richie Rich; he gave ‘Pac the town.”

See the entire interview above.