Watch The Walmart Yodel Kid Take Center Stage At Coachella


Yodeling Boy is the viral hit that keeps giving. Not to reduce it to anything less than poached talent. In the past two weeks, video young Mason Ramsey performing a Hank Williams classic surface on the internet and became the bees knees. Funny enough, before the panhandling performance garnered him millions fans worldwide, he was subsequently booted from the department store for loitering. If you haven’t seen his endearing performance take a minute right now.

In a surprising turn, Mason Ramsey appeared on stage at Coachella during EDM producer Whethan’s afternoon set. As you can see below, Mason turned out in his regular outfit cowboy boots, a lone star belt buckle, and a neatly pressed shirt. Upon gracing the stage he was met with a standing ovation by the young-ish drug-induced crowd, who were clearly in on the joke. He had previously rebuffed an fer to appear on stage with Post Malone, choosing instead to perform alone.

Yodeling is a lost art form, it isn’t only practiced by Ricola Mountain Men with bullhorns. In fact it hits kind close to home. Nashville is a city lights. Mason Ramsey is on a one-way ticket to hillbilly fandom. You may fancy the many remixes his viral hit, but the truth lies somewhere in his voice reason: a tradition American song.