Watch The First Trailer For Kesha's New Apple Music Documentary 'Rainbow – The Film'


Kesha has released the trailer for her Apple Music documentary, Rainbow – The Film, which intends to be an empowering look at her healing process. The doc is due to be released on Aug. 10, which is also the one-year anniversary her latest album the same name.

In a press statement, the singer details the broader themes and inspiration behind the documentary.

"Making Rainbow the album was such a therapeutic process and given the opportunity to turn it into a three-dimensional piece art has helped me find even deeper healing and catharsis," Kesha says. "I hope this film inspires others to never give up even if you feel full hurt or lost, because after the storm comes a rainbow. Depression, anxiety and mental illness are things we all need to talk about more, and there is no shame in asking for help. Making the decision to work on yourself is the bravest thing you can do. I hope this film helps bring light and love to everyone."

Rainbow – The Film will involve "psychedelic vignettes" in order to convey the singer's struggles and how she was able to overcome the darkest period  her life. Featuring never-before-scene footage the artist touring and preparing for the release Rainbow, the documentary shines a new light on the private life Kesha.

Check out the trailer below.